About Us

Our Story

We started like most of us city folks. A corporate job that kept us busy, cabs and coffee, suits and jeans. But it was not long before the city-life got to us. It was too noisy, too busy, too full of everything. We wanted an escape. Lyfepods was born out of our realization that every interaction with nature is a soulful experience – only nature can truly calm us down, heal us from within and set us free.

All Lyfepods are simple in construct, minimal in design and are created with a single purpose in mind – to become your portal to nature.

We understand how demanding modern life is; therefore, all Lyfepods are ready-to-place, easy-to-maintain and delivered to your doorstep.

Image Source: Plant Care by B Farias from the Noun Project

We handpick our plants, 100% of the time to ensure you receive a healthy and perfect sized plant.

Image Source: Indoor plants by Priyanka from the Noun Project

Once sourced, all our plants are taken out from their normal soil and placed in our ceramic pots in Lyfepods Growth Mix. These setups are then aged (conditioned) in simulated home, office conditions, from where they’re shipped directly to you. Aging helps the plant get accustomed to normal urban conditions and makes them ready for your home/office.

Image Source: Box by Josh Deane from the Noun Project

We use high-quality, priority shipping and the very best of packaging techniques to ensure that your Lyfepod reaches within a maximum of 2-3 days, healthy and ready to delight you. Our innovative packaging holds the plant and pot securely in place, preventing damages and minimizing soil spillage.

Image Source: Care by LAFS from the Noun Project

Our care and guidance don’t stop once your Lyfepod leaves our facility. To make plant-care easy, we provide simple yet detailed care instructions along with your plant. We are also here to help you with all of your plant care questions. Feel free to email, chat, WhatsApp, or post in our Facebook group.